"And everything turn, turn, turn..." What's this called? Well, it's called "Walls", however, i have no damn clue what the hell it really is. I spent the better part of a night creating it and got carried away after finishing the room. From there a theme involving barriers and restraints emerged and now you see the finished product. The walls aren't done, the wording is all that needs to be completed though. So here we have it, i don't post for fucking ever, and then when i do it's odd pencil surrealism. Though i must say, i like this odd pencil surrealism. Apparently without my meds i am back to being just as goofy as ever so i reckon my creativity will pick back up. Why was i on meds? Oh, let me count the reasons, but i'll tell you it was anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks induced by other humans and a few irrational fears involving alien abduction in the middle of the night. Do i still get the weird irrational fear of alien abduction? No, thankfully. That seemed to go hand in hand with the human induced anxiety which has decreased. And get this, when i was going nutty, i also would have wakeful dreaming where i would see spiders and beetles on the walls for a few minutes after waking up. I'd have to touch the walls for them to leave my vision. Crazy shit eh? I thought i was going schizophrenic but luckily it was just anxiety. The downside to the meds was a lack of creativity and a bad case of apathy, which isn't healthy at all. So i went off em last August and can now say i am somewhat close to sane. :)


  1. This is some amazing personal content, Aquilus. I've always been a fan of surrealism and symbolism like this. I've been known to create similar things myself : ) Thanks for sharing.

    Also, glad to hear you're fairing better without meds. It must be a relief to not have to rely on them anymore.

  2. i agree with Vincent, it's nicely profound.


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