Basic Landscape

Basic Landscape

This was a rather speedy landscape drawing i made from a photo reference.  The photo reference image was hanging on the wall in the lobby of the gastroenterology department of the hospital.  My mother was in for a routine colonoscopy and while i was waiting for the procedure to be done i spent my time in the lobby drawing this.  It's blurry and it is intentionally that way as the photo i took it from was blurry as well as foggy.  This is an example of how different line strokes can give you different effects.  Squiggle circles work good for trees and bushes, straight lines are great for grass.  When you put in different shades of gray you can get a very interesting image.  From a distance this looks pretty good, up close one immediately discovers it's a bunch of quick squiggly lines and some speedy shading.


Recent Piddly Drawings...

Halloween Nostalgia (sharpie and orange, yellow pencils)

Torn and Twisted (prelim body design in pen)

(I just don't even know what to title this; it was a random sketch)

The Alice Aquarium (pencil)


It Has Been A Long Time...

Tree Frogger

Quick 15 minute castle ruin sketch

Larger version of "The Violence of Men"

Goatman manipulating in the GIMP program

Hand-Eye Coordination

Reptilian Alien Telling You What He Thinks of Your Opinion

Untitled and unfinished...

Stationary Apathy's Stagnation

Grey Alien (made for meme use)



"Oh come on..." (made for meme use)

My crazy mind is starting to go again, i've missed drawing. 


Abner the Angry Owl

Abner the Angry Owl.  Perhaps i'll make a kid book.  Gods forbid any parents ever see what other goofy shit i've written, i wouldn't sell a one.  But still, Abner would be great material for a kid book.  He's adorable, he's angry, and he can teach a lesson.  Or so i think he can.  Perhaps Abner doesn't always stay angry or perhaps his anger is useful in saving a fellow owl or other forest animal.  Hmm...who the hell knows?  We can thank the Nature Conservancy for inspiring this.  Had they not sent me a pamphlet in the mail with a bunch of angry looking little owls on the front i would not have created this.  They were pissed off looking in a cute way, the kind of way you see in kid stuff.  Anywhoo, on to the technical jazz; Abner is coloured pencil and Sharpie pen.  His lettering is called Twiggy Sticks.  The paper was a goofy 9x12 size that is nearly impossible to find frames for but this would look good in a frame.  Maybe i'll make one.  If my procrastinating ass ever gets around to that kid story, i may post it here with all the Abner illustrations to go with it.  Or maybe i'll hold off and send it to a publisher, make a few thousand bucks, then post it for free on the internet if the publisher allows. 


Of All Things...It's Dogs

You spend your life drawing what you like only to find out one day that the stuff you're doing just for the hell of it is the stuff everyone else likes.  For years i've drawn goofy dark and surreal stuff but what seems to bring in the possibility of money is dog portraiture.  Freakin' dog portraiture.  But hey,
that's pretty cool i guess.  Dogs are awesome, money is awesome...but why the hell couldn't my crazy shit sell?  The stuff i really really liked and really put thought into?  Oh well, no use griping.  The top painting is of my Saint Bernard, appropriately titled "Willer Paint".  The second painting is of a jolly Norwegian Elkhound/German Shepherd mix that is part of my love's family, her painting's name is "Mandy Paint".  I feel a bit like George W. Bush here venturing into the world of dog painting.  I paint very very rarely.  I have produced only about 5 (not including these two dog paintings) paintings since high school, all
of which sucked.  Then i get a bit of an urge to paint my dog a couple weeks ago and here we are now.  Seems dogs come out pretty good for me.  One of my mum's friends wants me to paint her Sheltie, so i'm off to a damn good start with this new journey into painting.  Media used for both of the paintings:  Acrylic paint on white gesso ready made canvas.  Willer Paint didn't take much effort, i will be honest.  Mandy Paint on the other hand took quite a deal of time and effort due to her odd fur patterns and needing to completely invent her irises and pupil into the image.  The poor dear has a brutal case of pannus which has made her eyeballs grow a dark brown "skin" (not really skin, just pigmented cells that took over the cornea).  The progressive auto-immune disease has left her with little sight and her irises and pupils have all been covered up.  Both dog portraits are from picture reference, drawn freehand WITHOUT the use of the "grid system".  Eye measurement technique was used for sizing (you draw an eye, you measure facial features, bodily features in eye lengths).  This technique is good for animal and human portraiture alike. Most dog's noses are about 2-2 1/2 eye lengths (from eye corner to eye corner of one eye, then measure from bottom eyelid to tip of nose) long, with exceptions for pug nosed dogs such as the Pug, Boxer, and a few other breeds.  I have a whole method to all this measuring jazz because i absolutely hate tracing and loathe the "grid system" so this just works better when going from picture reference. 

Special Note:  On the human face, with some exceptions of course, the bottom of the nostril is roughly 1 eye length down from the tear duct.  The human eyes are evenly spaced 1 eye length apart from each other.  The base of the nose is roughly 1 eye length in width from one nostril to the other.  You will find that humans and animals share similar sizing.  Miss Mandy's nose and Willer's nose are both approximately 1 1/2 dog eye lengths long.  Note that you must use the animal or human you are drawing's eyes, do not use the eyes of one human to measure another or the eyes of one dog to measure another, then you get goofy looking creatures.


Goatman WIP

Finally, the brain decided to produce something!  This fella here is a Goatman, unfinished, but well on his way to being complete.  I was damn surprised the face came out so good.  The whole bloody thing started out as just a random eye sketch and it flew from there.  The wordage on the sides came from various music lyrics by various bands.  But yeah, anywhoo, pencil on long computer paper (always, and i fucking mean always, things come out better on the notebook paper or the computer paper, never do they come out fantastic on that expensive paper).


New Venture...

Well, since my damn brain and hand won't cooperate with each other to draw something, i'll pursue photography for a while.  While my art is dark and at times a bit surreal, my photography on the other hand is jolly as all bloody fucking hell.  I take photos of mostly landscapes, animals, and every once in a while, random goofy shit (i mean that literally, i will take pictures sometimes of poop, just for laughs, because for some reason shit amuses me).  I suppose i'll slap a sample of photography in here, i got a bright shiny new camera for Giftmas, a gorgeous Canon Rebel T3i with two lenses plus i can use the lens from my old film SLR.  So here it be, don't expect to be inspired, thrilled, or titillated.  But do marvel at the cuteness, the fluffiness and the simplicity.
Dog:Willy (my Saint Bernard)
Bob Fiddlercrab

Playing with Fire

3 Canada Geese

Drunk English House Sparrow

Sparrow and Flying Sparrow

Black Capped Chickadee aka Pain in the Ass to Photograph

The Chickadee When It Finally Stopped Moving So Much

Cat: Neo (my cat) with Green Eyes

Cat: Neo with Blue Eyes

Warming in the Winter Sun

Drifty Plant

Nostrils aka Runny Nose

Bird Seed Stealer

Plotting a Bird Seed Robbery

Sleeping Saint

Flying Away!!!!

Big Droopy Fluffy Beast

"And If I Go Over There?"