Who the Hell is Aquilus Domini?

Aquilus Domini is the pen name of a Jackson, Michigan artist/photographer/short story writer. There is only one Aquilus Domini but there is a band from Australia named Aquilus (there is no connection between the two of them). A.D. is more or less a self taught artist, only having completed high school art classes and high school film photography classes. Always wishing to learn, A.D. accepts (and encourages) comments and constructive criticisms. A.D. enjoys the cartoonish coloured pencil look and often works in coloured pencil or graphite. Paint is a rarity, however, A.D. will use it when necessary. Most of the art pieces to date have been created to try some new idea or for some learning purpose (which is why there's a lot of faces and character drawings). Most of the pieces are dark or have some theme or another relating to a dark or surrealist idea.

Aquilus Domini likes to help others learn certain aspects of drawing and will often times provide a tutorial in this blog to help those out there who may need it. While still learning, A.D. will offer what they know so that you can learn too.

Extra: If you have a tutorial request and it isn't out of my league (i'd tell ya if it is), i can create it and post it, just ask in a comment. My specialties are eyes, coloured pencil techniques, cartoons, and body measurement theory.

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  1. Hello Aquilus ... good to get to know you.

    Your film and photography skill classes were good. And I think you do a lot of outside work?

    What paints do you like to use when you do use them? Walked past an art shop in the City today on our way to a gallery in the pouring rain.

    "While still learning, A.D. will offer what they know so that you can learn too."



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