New Venture...

Well, since my damn brain and hand won't cooperate with each other to draw something, i'll pursue photography for a while.  While my art is dark and at times a bit surreal, my photography on the other hand is jolly as all bloody fucking hell.  I take photos of mostly landscapes, animals, and every once in a while, random goofy shit (i mean that literally, i will take pictures sometimes of poop, just for laughs, because for some reason shit amuses me).  I suppose i'll slap a sample of photography in here, i got a bright shiny new camera for Giftmas, a gorgeous Canon Rebel T3i with two lenses plus i can use the lens from my old film SLR.  So here it be, don't expect to be inspired, thrilled, or titillated.  But do marvel at the cuteness, the fluffiness and the simplicity.
Dog:Willy (my Saint Bernard)
Bob Fiddlercrab

Playing with Fire

3 Canada Geese

Drunk English House Sparrow

Sparrow and Flying Sparrow

Black Capped Chickadee aka Pain in the Ass to Photograph

The Chickadee When It Finally Stopped Moving So Much

Cat: Neo (my cat) with Green Eyes

Cat: Neo with Blue Eyes

Warming in the Winter Sun

Drifty Plant

Nostrils aka Runny Nose

Bird Seed Stealer

Plotting a Bird Seed Robbery

Sleeping Saint

Flying Away!!!!

Big Droopy Fluffy Beast

"And If I Go Over There?"

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