The Violence of Men

Yip, it's a dragon and an elf with a little bad man in the upper left corner. It's been fucking forever since i posted anything but here we have it, this huge damn piece that had to be scanned in four parts and pieced together (hence the dark lines cross sectioning it) in a program. The damn thing took me 5 nights because of the scales and the rocks but it came out in the end. It's pen, completely pen and a bit of spit to smear the pen to get the effect i wanted for the rocks. As for the title, well, it was the bad man in the left corner that hurt this peaceful dragon and it is the female elf who loved the dragon. I figured, why not give it a meaningful title, so bada bing bada boom there it be. For giftmas i was given this fantastic book on dragon drawing (none of that silly circle, cylinder, triangle shit in it) and i was inspired. I also hit the jackpot with my love giving me a $150 Micheal's art store gift card so i got a bunch of giant paper and some canvases and paint. I'm going all out. My next post will probably be a very nude Rupert Everett with a skull in front of his crotch so stay tuned. Yeah yeah, so that Rupert picture is from a photo, i need to learn the better aspects of anatomy and that picture hit the nail on the head. So until next time minions, until next time, bwahahaha.

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  1. I'd say you learned well from the book you received. The detail here is excellent! Also love the detail in the cave. I have an image in my head that's set in a similar cave setting and it's helpful to see another perspective on the rocks and other structures.

    Hey, also glad to hear of your acquistion of art supplies. Just the mere fact of having fresh supplies to work with can be quite an inspiration on its own. Good luck with your future projects!


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