Saint Bernard Puppy!

I Love This Puppy SOOOOOOOO MUCH! We went to pick up the little lad last night and i took this picture a couple hours later. He's adjusting quite well and just loves the cat. Thankfully the cat loves him too. They hit it off immediately. We named this little bundle of fantasticness William aka Willy/Billy/Mr. Sassy Puppy (because he bites your finger when you point and say "no" to him). He's a great little guy and full of beans. So far he's only pissed on the floor once, but that was ok. A little pee never hurt anything :D
He does prefer going poo and pee outside and it works out quite nicely. He also seems to enjoy chewing soft things like couch cushions and chairs. So far he's pulled a rug into the living room and is well into his rawhide Dingo Bone. Ah, i must be off, the little fella will be waking soon.

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  1. How's the William the pup doing? I'm sure he is gigantic at this point. LOL. HUGGS.


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