Crazy Dog!

My puppy is nuttier than a damn fruitcake. The little beast is everywhere all the time! Art is an impossibility right now as i must watch this puppy 24/7 to keep him from getting himself into serious pickles. Being a Saint Bernard, he's huge right now. He's only 3 months but is roughly the size of an adult Norwegian Elkhound and man can he use his size to his advantage. Yesterday he stole a loaf of bread off the table and ran through the house with it. Our little William is quite fond of shoes, stuffed animals, and the cat. When we first got Willy he played nice with the kitty, now he grabs the poor cat by the neck and drags him across the room. He does not do this out of hate or wanting to murder the cat, he's just a very large puppy playing like puppies do (only on a very large scale). There were a couple of squirrel skeletons in the yard (where they came from is still somewhat of a mystery) and Willy decided he wanted to eat their skulls, which was both grody and dangerous because we didn't know what they died from and their teeth wouldn't digest good for him. He's gone through 3 compressed rawhide chew bones, lost 2 front teeth and has new teeth coming in.
Willy is a sassy puppy but is very very intelligent. He uses his intelligence against us. We tell him no, he barks at us. It will go back and forth like that for a while; "No!" Bark "No!" Bark, etc. Eventually he stops barking back and just snaps his mouth shut. He's extremely adept at finding things he's not supposed to touch. Despite all his crazy antics, he sits on command, lays down on command, and is housebroken. He enjoys playing tug (though we cannot allow him to win because he's already very alpha in a lot of ways and him winning would make it worse). The vacuum is something he loves, he barks at it and chases it. The hose attachment is his favourite, we kind of sword fight with it. I poke it at him and he bites at it.
On walks Willy is great and can navigate like no other dog. He stops every so often to map out where we are and uses his mental navigation to lead us back to the car or the house without our help. He's afraid of and baffled by strangers and enjoys sitting and staring at them until they pass when we go for walks. When new people come in the house he hides behind the chair (he used to hide behind the couch but can't fit back there anymore). Other dogs don't give him issues, he likes most of them and most of them like him. He did get a beat down from a German Shepherd/Elkhound mix, but he jumped on her which instigated it. He came out fine but she gave herself a boo boo in her own mouth. Both were fine with each other after that. Hopefully the next visit with her goes better.
I love this puppy, he's fantastic. A hell of a lot of work but a great dog :D
I'll post pics and maybe some art here in the next couple weeks. I was only able to get this post in because he's sleeping in the chair right now. Well, until later, may you all have long days and pleasant nights. :D

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