A Lonley Road

Across a field of orchids there stands on a hill a Witchus tower. It rises 100 feet into the sky so it can look out on the world from it's stained glass eye. It is living, for it is a Witchus tower, some long forgotten combination of magic and science brought it to life. In the room at the top of the tower there is a door of unknown material and behind that door is a worm hole capable of bending time, matter, and all manner of physic law.

A lone man has come to the Witchus tower to seek the room at the top. He knows of the dangers but he hates the world and he hates himself; death is almost a joyous idea. Far has he traveled and just a bit further still he must go. Loneliness has followed him for eons; all his friends are dead, his lover is long decayed, and he is jaded, destroyed. The tower may be a hope for change, a hope for redemption, a hope of maybes.

--about the mediums used to create this--
extra long computer paper, pen, coloured pens, spit (for the sky), and a pain in the bum scanner that made this far too light so the pink doesn't show for beans on the hills and the brown on the tree is green, even after program fixes.

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  1. I really like the prose accompanying this, I think it really adds to the whole atmosphere of the drawing. Nicely done.

    As for your technical difficulties, check out the "Auto adjust colors" option (also on the Image menu) in Irfanview. It's an easy, one step tweak to the image and the vast majority of the time I find it makes the colors look just like they're supposed to. Just compare the tweaked version on your screen to the original work under good lighting. I'm sure it's because I have absolutely NO knowledge of advanced math and complex image algorithms but I'm constantly impressed by this option. I mean, how does it KNOW what to do with the colors!?


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