When You Stand They Fall

This guy here has a bit of a Lurchish quality about him. He was supposed to be Roland Deschain, from (of course) the Dark Tower series. But he came out looking like he could be a brother of Peter Steele (may he rest in peace) from the band Type O Negative. The eyes have a kind of...eh let's call it a bit of a doped out mixed with apathy look. My mum did that with her drawings back in the day and so did my dad (of course my father was nuttier than a damn fruitcake so...yeah); it was a popular thing to do in the 60's and 70's i suppose, to make drawings with doped out eyes. Anywhoo, i reckon i get that styling from my parents. Roland Deschain was supposed to have bombardier eyes. Oh well, shit happens and here we are. This is old, i must say i have improved since 2007 but i still like this. He was drawn in pencil on notebook paper and scanned in using IrfanView (that program is fucking fantastic!!!)

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