Ah June, the official month of summer. Our little punk girl here embodies the feel of the month of June. She's donning summery leaf green clothes, refreshing water coloured shoes, belt, and hair and her very name just makes one think...hell yeah where the fuck is summer right now? Weird as this is going to sound i got the idea for this girl from RuPaul's Drag Race. Yeah, i know, how did that come about? Well on that show there's this one contestant named Raja, he/she is gifted in outfitting, hair dressing, and clothing making. Well for one contest Raja dressed him/herself up as a punk rocker and had hair quite a bit like June's and his skirt and leggings were similar too. And me, who now watches this show faithfully (and lord do i get picked on by my family for it) decided i could create a real female punk using some of the same elements. Since i happen to live in Michigan, it's been damn cold and unspring-like lately and all i want is for summer to get it's ass here. June there is donning a shit load of green because of that sentiment. Spring, where the hell have you been?

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