Roger the Alien

Ever watch American Dad the cartoon by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane? Well, that's where Roger is from. I got a bit bored the other night and went all willy nilly with drawing shapes and said hey, let's make this shape Roger. He's a great extraterrestrial with a love for wigs and dressing up as both male and female characters when he leaves the house. I spruced him up a tad and gave him a bit of a musculature cause in the cartoon he's just this twiggy armed, short legged, fat alien. I do believe i made him a bit effeminate, but that's alright, it makes him a bit "cute". Anywhoo, he's coloured pencil and black Pilot pen.

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  1. American Dad is one of my favorites lately.

    Roger looks good here. The cute look is as good as any. Roger's look and mannerisms are so changeable anyway.

    Love the bold pencil strokes in the background.


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