Dust in the Wind

Quite literally Dust in the Wind. Yeah yeah he looks like he's groping himself but he's not. Anywhoo, I drew this back in, i think, 2007, can't remember for beans when but it was drawn in pen and i just finished colouring it in GIMP. I couldn't see the bloody thing too well because the sun is shining on the computer screen but i'm pretty sure it came out looking alright. Like maybe he's out in the desert on the ever so rare cloudy day.

A long long time ago, i can still remember how i thought maybe this could be a comic book. But i knew it wouldn't get anywhere as the plot line was shaky and largely based on a foundation of Dark Tower mythos. But yeah, i have some time on my hands here so i'll give ya the idea to it.

His name...i can't remember for shit what it was but we'll call him Vick for now for lack of something better. So yeah, Vick had this girlfriend and they lived together, however, Vick liked to be a bit of a man trollop and one evening his girlfriend caught him fucking some other chick. This new chick wasn't ordinary though, she's in fact a vampire. She fucks the men, kills and eats the women and goes about her merry way. Well, Vick here didn't really know he was screwing her as he was in a weird trance like state. The girlfriend walks in and sees the whole thing, much to the delight of the vampire chick. She notices the girlfriend, kills her, drinks her blood and eats, oh let's say a kidney or two and leaves the apartment. Vick comes out of the trance a couple hours later to discover his dead girlfriend on the floor. Boohoo, sad sad, he cries like a bitch, yada yada, long story short he vows vengeance. He can remember bits and pieces of the vampire encounter and thinks he can find her and annihilate her existence. This ties in to the Dark Tower because Vick has to travel through hidden doors (they house small worm holes) that will take him to various alter-ego earths. The one he's on right now in this picture is The Gunslinger's version of earth, he doesn't stay here long though. The vampires can travel through the doors as easily as Vick can, so finding the vampire chick was going to be a real pain in the ass.

And that's as far as i got as far as plot goes. The idea did spawn a different story i wrote over a year ago, called The Lowman's Watching. It's going to be a trilogy of short stories. In the last story the Lowman is going to find a path to redemption through a hidden door in the year 3001. In that story the earth is becoming barren, so, 500 years prior to 3001 extraterrestrials very similar to humans had started gathering all the animals and other creatures and a few plants to transport to a new planet. Starting in 2990 all the humans started being evacuated and by 3001 a few stragglers are being rounded up for the long journey to the new planet. The Lowman though, he encounters a problem for he is not allowed to go to. From there the story thickens. I can't reveal the whole thing for fear that some douche out there will steal the idea and get it written before me. But yeah, i'm rambling on and on this morning...time to quit.

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  1. I'd say this still has comic book potential. That was my first impulse before I read your description. Also, if you include tongue and cheek content like this:

    She notices the girlfriend, kills her, drinks her blood and eats, oh let's say a kidney or two and leaves the apartment.

    ...it would be sure to have definite entertainment value!


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