Dark Tower Wallpaper For Ya

I'm feeling generous today and would like anyone who likes the Dark Tower books or just dark pictures to snatch this up if they want. I made it with GIMP and a whole crap load of patience. If you click the image you can get the full size version of it, which is 1440 x 1080. Feel free to use it as your desktop wallpaper or as your website background, but if you use on your website you must credit me and inform me that you've used it there.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is also copyrighted as mine and is not to be used to make money in any way. I also can't make money from it as i used brushes made by others that had specific stipulations regarding profits.

The Legal information in other languages is below; i used Google Translate, so they may be extremely inaccurate. I'm sorry in advance about the bad translating. I do feel that my overseas viewers deserve the opportunity to see the legal info, so there are no complications arising from copyright issues :) I like the fact that people from other countries view my work :D

In German: Dies ist auch als meine urheberrechtlich geschützt und darf nicht verwendet werden, um Geld in irgendeiner Weise zu machen. Ich kann auch nicht damit Geld verdienen, wie ich Bürsten von anderen, dass spezifische Bestimmungen über Gewinne gemacht werden.

In Russian: Это также защищенные авторскими правами, как у меня и не будет использоваться, чтобы делать деньги в любом случае. Я также не могу делать деньги от этого, как я использовал кисти, сделанные другими, которые имеют особые положения, касающиеся прибыли.

In French: Ceci est également protégé que le mien et ne doit pas être utilisé pour faire de l'argent en aucune façon. Je ne peux pas gagner d'argent que j'ai utilisé des brosses faites par d'autres qui avaient stipulations précises concernant les bénéfices.

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  1. Thanks for the wallpaper! Looks great.


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