Tribute to My Best Friend

On November 22nd my sweet little miss sun muffin passed away due to some brutal nasal problem that is still a bit of a mystery but it couldn't be treated (we tried pills, nasal spray, everything the vet suggested and she just got worse). For a good week and a half possibly two weeks the dog got pretty much no sleep, she quit eating 4 days prior to death and quit drinking 2 days before passing away. Her tongue dried up and cracked and she started to lose her sense of place (she'd go to corners and bark at the walls and would just trample down the furniture instead of going around). Her real name was Georgie but i called her miss sun muffin and my mum called her little honey all the time. She was my best friend (quite literally) and was just so full of love and happiness, even when she started not feeling good. Her favourite toys were rawhide bones and most of all tennis balls. No matter how tired she'd get she'd still chase a ball around the yard no matter how many times you threw it. My mum wants to get another dog because the loss of Georgie's left such a void, the house is so empty even though there's 3 people living here and even though we love the cat (his name's Neo), he's just not the same as a dog. No one can replace George though. She gave us 8 (almost 9, her birthday was Dec. 24th) wonderful years. We didn't understand her illness and the vet was optimistic that she'd come out of it but she continued to get worse and cancer was the biggest suspect (she had various tumours all over her body, some seeming malignant, some not). A month before losing Georgie, my sister's dog Shanny (Georgie's littermate) passed away quite suddenly on her kitchen floor. We now believe that an 8 year life span was in their genes, which doesn't comfort us any but at least we come closer to understanding their deaths. My sister buried her Shanny in their yard and i buried my Georgie in mine. In the spring i'm going to plant sunflowers around her grave site and phlox on my cat Sam's grave (he passed away in 2009 at age 15 after a long illness). Both the dog and cat are buried by the rose bush and hopefully both are at peace now.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. We had to put down our bestest cat ever, Reggie, about a year and a half ago due to suspected cancer (the saddest thing we've ever had to do). Even though we still have two other cats we've never been the same since. The wife and I still have dreams about him on a regular basis.

    Take care, man.


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