Pumpkin SACRIFICE!!!!

The giant monster pumpkin laughs as he's about to eat the minny pumpkin tied to the stick. On-looker minny pumpkins watch with sad and disgusted faces. This lovely picture of pumpkin death was created with 3 minny pumpkins and one regular sized pumpkin. Wood carving tools were used to make their faces and tea lights lit up the insides of the big guy and the doomed little guy. The other two wouldn't fit a tea light.

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  1. Great jack-o-lanterns, man! Isn't that just gobs of fun to carve 'em up and then take pics or video of them?

    I was so tickled with myself this year and my lame-ass "Flickering In The Dark" videos, it was lotso fun. I'll have to remember to use the technique of carving part of the way through the skin for next year's pumpkins.

    Thanks for sharing :)


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