Nice Bagginses!

Due to lack of sleep, this was produced and i am quite pleased with it. I was experimenting with the manga style of drawing and wanted to created a scene from The Lord of the Rings books, so i started drawing Gollum and Sam and everything just flowed like artistic gold from my hand. Such a rarity. Gollum looks great with his demented little smile directed at Frodo and Sam looks simply wonderful with his rope in hand pulling gollum along. Unfortunately these pieces of fantasticness are always on notebook paper. It never fails, i think what i'm working on will suck so i draw it on lined paper and damn it always comes out decent. But does that happen when i use nice blank expensive paper? No. Oh well. Created with pen, pencil, and that cursed lined paper.

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  1. You're right. This DID turn out well. Personally, I like drawings on lined paper. Gives a real homey, casual, warm feeling to things.

    You might try following the Skin Horse web comic (if you don't already). She regularly posts some of her pencil sketches on lined paper in her weekend posts. I would pay CASH MONEY for those sketches.


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