Lighthouse Pastel Experiment

Ah, the joys of pastel. This here was completed in a couple hours last night. I quite like it, though in a lot of ways it's as mediocre and as mundane as a Hitler painting. Before i branch out and do fantastical fantasy landscapes in pastel, i'm experimenting with reality. This lighthouse pleasantly graced the front of the Maine tourism guide i received yesterday in the mail. The lighthouse itself was changed in my picture as were a few of the natural elements. One should never completely rip off a photographer's photo. Oh the horrors of the plagiarism suit if you were to be caught making any money because you sold your painting/drawing and it looked just like the photo. I will sometime, in another post, inform you all of how to skirt the plagiarism laws when working from photo references.
I don't have too much to say about this one other than it's of course pastel, the lighthouse and buildings are coloured pencil and the reference photo comes from a free tourism guide you can get at the Maine state website.

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