The Eggman: Hatter

Though i'm not a religious person i still like the spring festivities surrounding Easter, so this year i decided to get crafty and decorate eggs. Seeing as how Alice in Wonderland is ever so popular this year, i opted to create "Alice" characters for a miniature tea party that is to be displayed in the bookcase in our living room. Thus far i have completed all the clay mushrooms, the Mad Hatter, Alice and half of the White Rabbit. When i get ahold of more glue for the hot glue gun, i will finish the White Rabbit and work on the March Hare. The egg-people are blown out eggshells (if you want, i'll tell you how to make them, just ask) with felt clothing and Sharpie faces. Other things are added to them as well, like feathers, ribbon and thread. I encourage anyone reading this to give this a go, it's a good fun craft and you can create whatever kind of character you want.

--When i complete the rest of the set, i will put up the pics of the finished Tea Party.

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