Deadly Living: Hell's Asylum

The ever present horrors of hell are portrayed here in vivid colour. A completely coloured pencil work, this is to date one of my better small coloured pencil pieces. Hints of "Hellbound: Hellraiser" the movie can be seen here. The character is damned to the insanity asylum of hell. There, he is tortured both physically and mentally. The third eye in his forhead is forever opened to the air, which in time, will dry it out and make all his instinct and intuition non-existent. His mouth is held open so he cannot explain his problems or whisper for help. The asylum itself is brightly coloured to mislead incoming "patients". On the walls you can find remnants of past horrors. Urine, feces, blood and grafitti decorate the doors, walls, and floors. Our friend here is in for the long haul.

Aside from the scanner first making this horribly bright and then the computer program making it appear brutally dark on some monitor screens, this came out quite good. It's got a cartoony feel to it which i like. As with most of my art, i can pick out a few things i'd change if i had to do it over again, but overall it looks pretty good. Comments are appreciated (no douchebaggery!).


  1. Wow...Disturbingly cool! Thanks for your recent post on my blog, too. I appreciate the input & am glad you liked "Dreamscape." Quite the opposite of your image, here!

  2. I think you are hilarious and intelligent. I don't really understand your deviant side at all-- but then i am a mom in her fifties, and according to my daughter don't understand much. You clearly have a great sense of humor and you are literate, which is more than you can say about most people I've seen who blog and post deviant art, etc. I think you ought to consider writing and doing your own illustrations. I'm sure there's an audience for your dark stuff, but I'd rather read about your dog, for example. (I loved the photo of him drinking from the faucet!) Enough, I need to shut up and let you go on with your life...


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