GIMP Colouring

Recently I happened upon this lovely program called GIMP. In many ways it rivals Photoshop (except for the fact it lacks a line making tool). With the magic wand tool you can colour anything. Of course the magic wand takes a hell of a lot of getting used to. The upper picture here is a pen drawing i did a while back and scanned into the computer. While the perspective is interesting, it left a bit to be desired. With the help of the GIMP program, i was able to put the picture into colour, giving it a little more depth and interest. GIMP is difficult to get used to at first but once you've learned it, it does great work. This image was the first i coloured using the program. There's some flaws but overall i was pleased with the job. If you wish to download GIMP (it's completely free!) you can get it at

For those wondering, the picture has a few elements of The Crow comic/movie as well as a bit of a reference to The Dark Tower series (the little purple wizard's glass on the floor). I used the magic wand tool, the paint bucket, and the round brush tools for this piece.

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  1. Thanks for the tip & the "before & after" images. The colorization helps differentiate the many subjects in the scene. Well drawn!


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