Buford the Magic Grave Dragon

Oh old art, how i do love thee, yet how i do loathe thee as well. Well, this was a jolly little piece from 2006 or 2007. It's got a Grave Dragon named Buford, a grim reaper, a death fairy, a ghost, and Hoo Kitties. I created this when my mum was in getting surgery for... i think it was for her eyelids (nothin serious, they were just getting progressively droopy). All that was in the waiting room was the usual set of magazines and my sister decided she'd read instead of talk to me so i opted to draw something and that's how i got Buford. This had been in the sketchbook for a long time and was starting to yellow so i figured i should get it scanned. If i had it to do over again i'd remove that damn fairy and grim reaper, oh well. Pen on 9x12 paper, scanned with IrfanView.

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  1. I am really diggin' on your older works.

    The Buford drawing has a real playful quality to it, perhaps expressing some anxiety while waiting for your mother. Buford seems to be just sitting there waiting right along with you!

    The eyes on Unfinished Business are AMAZING. Viewing those eyes full size and full screen makes me feel almost threatened. The shine coming off them is very vivid.

    Lastly, Roland Deschain is also quite good. I think the eyes look more like the steady, confident gaze of an elven wizard or ranger. Really invokes a strong Middle Earth fantasy-type feeling in me.

    Also, glad to hear IrfanView is working out for you. I couldn't blog without it!


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