Lots of boredom this month led me to colour some things just lazying about in the computer. We have a merman, because mermaids have to reproduce somehow, i highly doubt they're hermaphroditic and capable of asexual reproduction. Yes, it's a merman, he vaguely reminds me of Maynard James Keenan, with his impressive baldness and probably brutally high sex drive. After all he probably sees mermaid tits all day, seeing as how they always go about without tit coverings (except in Disney films of course). And then... what the hell else have i uploaded?...oh yeah, the coloured version of the strong, stern faced Russian chick. Not my best colouring work but i frankly didn't give a damn as she wasn't something i really wanted to colour anyway...so yeah, lets thank the gods for the brilliance of GIMP, it lets me make something out of mediocrity and works that are as mundane as Hitler landscapes.

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  1. These two works are anything but mundane. The ascending merman is quite eye catching. The sunlight piercing through the water is quite realistic and dazzling.

    The shine in Adrienne's eyes also seems to be from the same light source, as if she's looking out a window over the ocean at high noon.


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