The Random: Of Will and Wind

A work in progress that could take anywhere from a couple days to a few years, this here is part of a collection called "The Random". This piece is called "The Random: Of Will and Wind" and was preceded by "The Random: Doctor Heal Thyself" some years ago. Symbolism is everywhere in here, all of the items contained in the picture have something to do with nature (of wind), the mythical realms (of wind again) and the internal and external influences on the human psyche (of will). There may be a few suggested phallic ideas, but they weren't entirely intentional. So yeah, i reckon this may be completed sometime this year then i'll get it coloured and post the finished product. I also want anyone viewing this to make special note of the foot by the fingers, yes that is a fantastic foot, it is to date the best foot i have ever drawn and i am most proud of it. Feet are usually such a pain in the ass for me but that one flowed out like artistic gold.

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  1. Looks great so far. I'm enjoying all the detail. Gives the eye a lot of room to run around in. As for the foot, you're right to be proud of it. Looks very natural and has depth to it.

    I look forward to the finished version!


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