All the Alice Eggs

Alrighty, i know a few months ago i told everyone i was going to post up pictures of my Alice in Wonderland egg collection i made for Easter. Well, life got in the way so i didn't get to it. Oh well, here we are now, the whole group of eggs.
Each egg was handcrafted out of real eggs (innards removed--ancient family secret--), felt, sequins, hot glue (burnt my bloody finger a few times), pipe cleaners, sharpie markers, feathers, and for Alice and the Hatter clay was used to make their shoes. They took a couple days to finish but all came out fine. If you click the picture you can see the larger version of it. From left to right are The March Hare, Alice, The Mad Hatter, and The White Rabbit.

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  1. Love the Hatter. I like the use of the twisted pipe cleaners to simulate wacky striped pants.


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