Miss Morta Fairy of Sleep (complete)

A fairy of sleep, Morta is in charge of placing the dust in the eyes of the sleeping and transporting the souls of those who die in their sleep. The name Morta was the goddess of death in Roman mythology (equal to Atropos in Greek mythology), just a tad of history there for ya. She's a bit of coloured pencil work with touches of pen and graphite here and there. My scanner hates all things pencil and pastel, so this scanned in extremely light and grainy. After a few adjustments with a program though, she came out looking pretty good. The original sketch was drawn in 2008 but i had put it away for 2 years for fear of messing up with colouring it. Despite my fears though i took it out the other day and finished it. It's rather dirty looking in a way due to much erasing with the sketch but i can always redraw her and perhaps try different colouring mediums. ::Next Posting:: Soon to come hopefully in a few days is an angry young lad who seems quite fond of wandering through a cemetery ossuary with a knife. That picture should be different.

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  1. I like the treatment of the eyes. Very fitting for a fairy of sleep.

    I also sympathize with your scanner difficulties. It seems getting an image transformed from its original source to an acceptable digital form on the computer can be quite the creative process in its own right.


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