Seven's Crow

Seven's Crow (concept 1) is an early sketch i worked on for my boyfriend's band Seven's Crow. Originally done in pencil, it may eventually be painted if he still wants to use the image. I gave this one a sepia tone but the painted version would be in blue tones. There's a few flaws here but i'm generally pleased with the idea. The tree came out fan-tas-diddly-astic as did the rocks and road in the foreground. The continuation of the road needs work but that's why one produces concept sketches before doing a final; to see what needs to be done or corrected. The frame is just from part of a computer program and isn't anything spiffy. The lettering is also part of the program and probably won't be used for the cd booklet. Off in the distance at the end of the road, there is a little town, it may or may not be visible in this scan, but if you click the picture, an enlarged version will pop up in another window and then all the details can be viewed (if they scanned right). When my boyfriend gets his music up on Myspace, i'll post the link. It's dark and lovely stuff.

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  1. Really cool image. I think crows don't deserve their bad rep so much. They're really awesome, smart & social birds.


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