Little Character Practices

This here is a good example of how to add shoes to your people. Shoes hate me and i hate shoes equally. These are perhaps the best shoes i've drawn on a person character. As for the clothes, well, i prefer drawing my people nude and above the ankles, that's why the clothing looks so simple and so shittacular. I went with grunge style because it greatly reduced the need for analness and detail. As for the skateboard, i had no intention of making it look good, it's just there for the hell of it. Now the lettering, that i do like.

I call this dude Dale. He came out pretty decent. A bit feminine looking, but that lends to his youth a bit i suppose. Remarkably, his feet are right. I about shit my pants and rolled over backwards when they just appeared nice and neat at the bottom of the pants. Anywhoo, the rest of his clothes are alright too. I went for simple again because i'm lazy. Very plain clothes and simple lined facial features and hair.

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