Devils Wear Sandals Angels Wear Boots

Devils Wear Sandals. She is Isis, best friend of Osiris (Angels Wear Boots). Isis is a bit on the demonic side, but overall pretty friendly. Unfortunately she's Hades daughter and that presents a lot of problems for her and Osiris. Despite the fact her father can be a bit poopy about things, she still manages to hang out with Osiris. Her occupation is to bring the vagrant dead (unaware ghosts) to the Plutonian shores where they await entrance into the land of the dead.

Angels Wear Boots. Osiris is his name and he's a head angel whose father is the mighty Zeus. Isis doesn't know it (or so she leads us to believe), but Osiris is very much in love with her. He stifles his emotions because he fears their fathers would not be pleased with such a relationship. By day he works gathering the knowledgable dead from the Reaper to send them to the Plutonian shores. At night he likes to spend his time with Isis and also likes to hang out with various daemons and mythies.

----©2008 Aquilus Domini----I hope to do more with these little characters, perhaps make a comic book or something of the like. I may do a whole little writing thing on their back stories..hmm...thinking...weeee

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