Basic Landscape

Basic Landscape

This was a rather speedy landscape drawing i made from a photo reference.  The photo reference image was hanging on the wall in the lobby of the gastroenterology department of the hospital.  My mother was in for a routine colonoscopy and while i was waiting for the procedure to be done i spent my time in the lobby drawing this.  It's blurry and it is intentionally that way as the photo i took it from was blurry as well as foggy.  This is an example of how different line strokes can give you different effects.  Squiggle circles work good for trees and bushes, straight lines are great for grass.  When you put in different shades of gray you can get a very interesting image.  From a distance this looks pretty good, up close one immediately discovers it's a bunch of quick squiggly lines and some speedy shading.

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  1. Dropping in to say hello.

    Your artwork and literature stands the test of time.

    And you wrote about prenatal brain growth - how awesome is that?!


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