In the Ossuary

The boy in the ossuary has just killed someone. A hand from the dead body sticks up out of the water in the background.
Completed with coloured pencil and pastel on 9x12 paper. The ossuary here was inspired by the one from Dellamorte Dellamore the movie; dark and watery and full of bones and old tombstones we have the ultimate place to stash a murder victim's body. Now my scanner is a real bitch so this may look either too bright or too dark depending on your monitor screen, it may also appear brutally grainy.

1 comment:

  1. The treatment of the bricks in the background reminds me of your Dark Tower composition. The murky reflections in the water are also nice.

    As far as the scan goes, it seems to have turned out just fine. Sharp colors and no more graininess than one would normally expect from colored pencil.


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