Mr. Canada Goose

Mr. Goose here (i do think it's male, but i'm not 100% sure as i know little about Canada Geese--yes, Canada, not Canadian--) let me get quite close to him and his friend. I slowly inched my way toward the two geese and he kept looking at me like he might charge, however, it wasn't until i turned to walk back to the path that he decided to make a move. That silly goose hissed at me when i turned my back so i turned around and walked toward him real fast which freaked him out a bit so he backed off. Haha goose, i won. Anywhoo...This is another taken this spring at Cascades Park.

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  1. Hi,
    Great picture. When they get all uppity and start hissing I find it quite scary!
    We are plagued by Canadian geese during the winter when they migrate to the UK. The come to the same few spots and for the last few years, there has been a cull as they cause so much damage to the winter crops and eat our native species out of house and home.


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