Deviancy (For the Door)--surrealism--

His name is Deviancy. At one point words were supposed to end up on the door, however i opted against it. Following are the words. They are Deviancy.

----I need to watch things die, dreams of decimation. The universe is hostile, we all feed on tragedy. Puzzled and confused? Freewill. Choosing to kill over pieces of the ground. For a few sweet moments it seems to make me whole. Live for every moment, your time will come. Another tragedy to make someone complete. Surprisingly, there are times when i'm ashamed of it all. Shame can easily turn to apathy though. There are always shadows on the road ahead and shadows on the road behind. With perfect beauty death rises with grace. Everyone lambs and martyrs. The blow their own minds away. I love to watch the sheep follow eachother off the cliff. Tragedy sets you free. A disaster is just another falling star. I wish for corpses. Is there anything wrong with such a necro-erotic dream? Not when the dream belongs to everyone. Shine on malevolent fantasy. Dead is now the art of dreaming. Dreaming is now the art of death. Bad things come to those in all good time. Rapine and murder. Crawl into line and wait your turn. I pity the living. All for one, none for all. All the things that you know that are precious to you could be swept away. I'll be there to be sure it all comes crashing down.----

complete coloured pencil and pen. forgive the atrocious anatomy, the line drawing was ancient.
if you wish to know the meaning behind the symbolism of the various objects and surroundings, feel free to ask.

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