Creative Death...Boo...

Well, i think my creativity died and went to hell in a bloody fuckin' hand-basket.  I produced one lonely naked fire fairy (female this time) sketch and one incomplete cartoon saint bernard with a cat sketch.  2 pieces of sad incomplete shit in the past 3 months.  Seriously, what the fuck has happened to my brain?  Maybe it's the weather and the stagnant routine of work and bullshit without any inspiring adventures.  Music used to be inspiring and to a point still is, but no one is making decent music these days.  It's been 6 years since i've heard something from a recent band that didn't sound like a thousand miles of bad ass noises.  So i'm coming up empty when i try to find older alternative, metal, or rock music that i haven't heard before.  Overall though, i think it's burnout in life.  I reckon the Spring will give me a bit more incentive to motivate and produce but for a while this blog may be quiet.  For those who wish to unfollow or no longer visit this is what's going on and how things have been and may be for a while yet so you probably won't be missing much by leaving.  For those who continue to stop by or keep me on their follow list, thank you and hopefully something will hop into my mind and then out of my hand.

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  1. Hey man, no pressure at all. You're not the only one hitting a creative slump lately. I can definitely sympathize with you, especially with the whole "stagnant routine of work" thing.

    Just hang on and don't try to force anything. We'll get back into our respective art grooves when the time is right.


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