Goth Lad

This here would be a little goth lad.  He was a quick pencil sketch that came out relatively decent.  There's a goth lass to accompany him but i have yet to scan her in.  There's been a massive creative block in my brain and everything i attempt lately just comes out like shit so this was a pleasant surprise the other night.  He's donning a jolly set of bondage style overalls and a fishnet shirt.  Eventually i may get around to colouring him with the GIMP program.  I envisioned red stitching on the overall black pants.  He's got little chains on the outfit at the belly and those would be silver as would his wallet chain.  The dog collar would be black of course and his skin would be pale.  Ya know, we never see drawings of black goths and i think we should see some.  I may turn that into a project, producing dark skinned gothic people as there are goths of all races out there in real life.  But until i scan in the next picture, toodles.

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