The Murder, Revenge is Sweet

Yay, death! Hmm, well this started as a practice in male form and then turned into something else. It's a damn pity the body at the bottom was cut off by the scanner but when the paper is too big what the hell can ya do. We'll call the guy dropping the gun Jeremy and we'll call the person he killed...hmm...i don't know, what's a good name for a blonde dude?

EDIT: Travis is the name of blondie there now thanks to a fantastic name suggestion by Vincent from Vincent's Hand Made Art, check his blog out there's a link to it in the "artists of supreme excellence" tab at the top of the page.


  1. Travis. Is Travis a blonde dude's name? I guess I don't know either.

    Hey, check out Irfanview. It's got a handy-dandy little option in the Image menu called "Custom/Fine rotation" which allows you to rotate images in very small increments. So if you have a drawing or painting that's too big for the scanner you can scan it in two parts, crop out the edge haze, hit them with the Custom/Fine rotation to square them up and, blamo, assemble them back into one image using MS Paint or whatever. This has been amazingly handy for me, as most of my drawings are on larger sketchbook paper.

    Anyway, give it a try and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  2. ooo thank you thank you thank you, that will help immensely!!!


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