Not Art but an Important Note

Alrighty, there's this piece of shit site called trafficfaker.com that could possibly be the meanest thing in the blogger universe. Traffic Faker is something people pay for that sends out a business's/person's url to be listed under another person's statistics for their website. What makes this mean, is that no one reads or acknowledges anything on your blog/site, it's just a fake hit that can force you to go to the other business/person's website because their URL is listed in your stats and human curiosity makes one want to see who's viewing their blog/site. You go to their site, which generates a REAL hit for them, while the hit on your site was completely fake and doesn't count because no body read your shit. The asshole who thought that up needs to be paddled with a holey wooden boat oar. So if you see "trafficfaker.com" under your stats, don't click that shit. And be wary of other hits in your stats that seem to come from weird sources.


  1. Thankyou for the kind words about our software. This post just goes to show that our software does in fact work and can help gain traffic & linkbacks for your websites and/or products.

    The TrafficFaker Team

  2. just goes to show how many jackasses out there don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. i do hope that anonymous note is an act in sarcasm :D

  3. Yep, saw that site today and clicked it. I'm not impressed with their service.


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