Autumn Wolf

Continuing my studies in animals, i decided to work on the canines (as they are infinitely easier to draw than felines). This was taken from a photo reference from some calender i had from 2000. Wolves are beautiful critters and i love them...I suppose that's a bit due to the fact i have a smidgen of Native American in me. I feel a connection to the furry things in a way. They're symbolic of such mystery and intrigue. It sucks how over the centuries they've been vilified and therefore slaughtered by a mass amount of idiots and ignorant people. And it's a bloody pity that in the state of Michigan, they may once again be slaughtered due to a mass of idiots who refuse to build fences to save their precious sheep. Fucking stupid people, how i'd like to be the end of them. Anywhoo, getting a bit angry here. This was another piece in coloured pencil and soft pastel. I'm out for now, until next time...

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