Lord Neo King of the Douchebags

Neo, my Matrix kitty. He's a lovely little guy in a lot of ways but in a lot of others he's a real asshole. For a while we thought he was mentally challenged aka slow, but no, it appears he's just a douchebag. He does obnoxious things to get into trouble because it gets attention and he doesn't care that we spray him or ground him to the bathroom for a few hours. Despite his remarkable douchebaggery, he is a very pretty cat. Excellent coat, cute face, and lean body structure add up to a fine cat. Before we had him neutered female cats would come by the house and compete for his attention, which, oddly enough, he didn't give to any of them. In fact he doesn't seem to acknowledge other cats at all. Being raised with dogs, we believe he may think he is a dog. There was a time when we had our Georgie (dog) that he'd drink and eat from her bowls and to this day still drinks from the water bowl she had. Quite an odd little thing he is but we love him and he makes for bloody good picture taking when he stays still.

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