"Hey Adrienne" According to those closest to me, Adrienne looks like "one of those strong Russian women", and i do agree. She's a bit stern faced and looked only a tad softer in features before scanning. Pencil was used to create her and she was a random thought that came into the brain. I can just pop faces out like mad, i can picture a person and bam, there they are on the paper. It probably has something to do with being forced to use the "grid system" back in high school. In the grid system one must calculate the size of the magazine/picture reference then calculate the size of the blank paper and do some math to make a grid for both the reference and then the blank paper. Crazy shit it was, i usually cheated and just made half inch increments on the reference and then did full 1 inch increments on the paper. Anyway, in that way we had to draw exact to each square the reference which for me was usually someone's face/body, so by way of constant practice i got damn good at faces and can now do frontal view with absolutely no visual help what so ever. They do come out looking like mugshots or autopsy photos though...haha.

Note: my scanner made her shading more harsh and grainy...damn that scanner!


  1. I like the anime-like shine to her eyes and I think the mugshot look works well here. Gives her stern look a bit more depth.

    Hey, the new blog layout looks great and thanks for adding me to your links page! I appreciate the nod.

  2. hey man, no problem, i just noticed the other day i showed up on your Links page, thought i'd return the favour


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