Come on Eileen

Last night i got a bit bored, so i decided to go about colouring this pencil sketch i had stashed in the computer files. Well, she came out alright, though i have some errors here. Arcsoft 5.5 hates me and i hate it equally or vica versa if you wish. Being that there is such hate between us, program and i, this came out a bit wrong. Eileen there may appear orange on some people's monitor screens and there are uncoloured spots hiding about. She was a random thought created one night while listening to Dexy's Midnight Runner's hit song "Come on Eileen". Looking a bit boring in just black and white with shades of grey, i touched her up last night and gave her a bit more meaning by adding blood to the scene. All in all, i'm reasonably pleased with it, though it certainly isn't my best work.

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  1. I like it. You seemed to have channeled the 1980's very well. This reminds me of an album cover from that decade, possibly Pat Benatar or The Pretenders.


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