Isis and Osiris Finished

Finally, i got around to colouring Isis and Osiris. Isis here was a joy to colour, she came out nicely considering the fact she's a bit off in places regarding her anatomy. However, i managed to use her misconstrued body to aid in the creation of Osiris, who is also misconstrued proportionately. I believed by making both look odd, it would make them more interesting and would lend to the style i wanted them to be. I had the unfortunate problem of encountering a "Craigslist forum douchebag" not to long after posting the finished versions of these two. He did not care for them and viciously ripped most of my art apart. It was not constructive criticism, it was assholishness. Anywhoo, that's a whole other story. Osiris gave me issues with his pants. Coloured pencil black, when using Crayola, can make pictures look as if you've done them in crayon. Overall i was pleased with how he came out. Of all the parts of the picture, i am most fond of his wings. His black background wasn't computer coloured very well because it was a temporary idea, where with Isis, her background is very closely edged and well done. I have a second Osiris version without the black background and that's the one i prefer for most postings. Black just fit this blog better. Comments are appreciated, CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms are appreciated as well. I'm always looking to improve for the next picture.

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